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So fast, you hardly know it's there...
When Dell wanted to protect its storage servers they chose NOD32. Dell's technical evaluation team put several antivirus products through rigorous testing. After testing the major brands of antivirus they came to NOD32, which they installed and started. When their performance monitoring application displayed no change in CPU utilization, they concluded NOD32 must not be running. However, closer inspection revealed that it was indeed running. But the resource utilization of NOD32 was below the detection tolerance levels of the monitoring application!
Key Features
The NOD32 Antivirus System provided with your NAS system consists of the following modules and/or functions:
  • ThreatSense proactive threat detection
  • On-demand antivirus scanner
  • On-access antivirus resident monitor (AMON)
  • Internet automatic update module
  • Centralized log management system
  • Task scheduler
  • Support of Update and Scanning Profiles
  • NAS Manager-enabled web interface
  • Easy online help system
  • Support for NOD32’s Remote Administration Console (optional)
Updating from a local network
To learn more about how to update your NOD32 for NAS server from a local network NOD32 mirror sever, please refer to the user guide below. Mirror – NOD32 in LAN/WAN
System Requirements
The following are the minimum system requirements to run NOD32 for Dell
PowerVault NAS systems:
  • Dell PowerVault NAS system
  • Minimum of 384 Mbytes of main memory
  • Network access from the NAS system to a client system with a CDROM drive
  • Windows®Powered or Windows®Storage Server 2003 operating system