General info
  Windows 95/98/ME
  Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/x64
  Enterprise Edition
   LAN Update Server
  Remote Administrator
  Linux Mail Server
  Linux File Server
  Lotus Domino
   Dell Storage Servers
  MS Exchange
  Kerio MailServer
  Kerio WinRoute Firewall 
NOD32 for MS-DOS
Malware protection for MS-DOS compatible PCs.
Software for MS-DOS compatible PCs
With NOD32 for MS-DOS you can remove even those worms and viruses which cannot be dealt with in the Microsoft Windows environment due to their hard-to-kill nature.
Key features
  • Powerful 32-bit application.
  • User friendly graphical user interface with command line option execution.
  • Cleans viruses which cannot be cleaned in other operating systems.
  • Scans system memory for infiltration.
  • Based on the same technology used in the Windows versions.