General info
  Windows 95/98/ME
  Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/x64
  Enterprise Edition
   LAN Update Server
  Remote Administrator
  Linux Mail Server
  Linux File Server
  Lotus Domino
   Dell Storage Servers
  MS Exchange
  Kerio MailServer
  Kerio WinRoute Firewall 
Enterprise Edition
Layered security that's easy-to-manage - from clients to servers to mail gateways.  Proactive threat protection that's so high-performance, you'll forget it's there.
Seamless Protection for the Enterprise
NOD32 Enterprise Edition was designed with large and medium-sized business networks in mind. It is a unique bundle, which includes subscriptions to NOD32 for windows workstations and file servers, as well as our powerful Remote Administrator Console. This is an ideal choice for medium to large-sized organizations with multiple file servers or locations. But it's also easy enough to use for small businesses with as few as 5 computers.
Easy deployment and pricing
Enterprise edition entitles you to run NOD32 on any workstation or server for one friendly per-node price. Simply indicate how many nodes you wish to protect on your network, how many file servers and what type, and we'll send you the appropriate license keys.
  • Remote Administrator - The powerful central console that installs in minutes. Have 500 nodes deployed in under an hour.
  • NOD32 for Workstations & NOD32 for File Servers - The smallest , most advanced malware protection.
  • NOD32 LAN Update Server saves bandwidth in branch offices by centralizing the downloading and distribution of security updates.
  • NOD32 for Mail Servers (additional) - Enhance your layered security strategy by protecting incoming and outgoing mail at the server.
Powerful Centralized Management
NOD32 Remote Administrator is a powerful N-Tier management framework in a tiny, easy-to-use package. It enables an administrator to easily deploy, manage and maintain thousands of NOD32 systems in large, distributed corporate networks. But, it's just as powerful in small and medium-sized environments.
Features and benefits
  • Centralized management of NOD32 workstations and servers, increasing antivirus protection effectiveness and reducing corporate security costs
  • Automatic hourly ThreatSense updates keep your corporate network secure
  • Fast virus infiltration localization and virus clean-up, thanks to advanced monitoring and reporting tools
  • Remote installation of NOD32 client antivirus systems enabling fast antivirus protection rollout
  • Centralized NOD32 antivirus management of multiple locations and LAN's within your enterprise computer network
  • Automatic and custom report generation giving you an overview on NOD32 antivirus system activities and helping you maintain a high level of data integrity in your network
  • Remote NOD32 client configuration reducing administration and maintenance costs
  • Filling holes in your antivirus protection by searching for unprotected computers in your network
  • RA server load distribution increasing scalability
  • Multiple remote installation methods for on-line and off-line NOD32 client installation
  • Mobile user features for better mobile user antivirus protection
  • Virus infiltration history helping you strengthen your antivirus protection strategy