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ESET Mail Security 4
For Microsoft Exchange Server

ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server is another product built on ThreatSense, the industry’s most accurate proactive technology for detecting viruses and other malware, delivering proactive protection against zero-day threats and attacks.

It features antispam protection, transport layer protection, as well as a number of technological improvements, including  improved antivirus and antispyware protection, anti-rootkit protection Anti-Stealth, or Self-Defense functionality. In order to further foster ESET’s efforts in the corporate market, this product supports both Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, while backward compatibility with Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5, 2000 and 2003 is also ensured.

Main features:

  • Improved antivirus and antispyware protection
  • Anti-Stealth technology to protect against rootkits
  • Antispam protection
  • Transport layer protection
  • Very low system footprint with no impact on performance of the mail server

Other features:

  • Greylisting – special spam blocking method verifying that incoming e-mails are legitimate
  • Self-defense – a built-in technology to prevent malicious software from corrupting or disabling the system’s security
  • Improved scanning of e-mail database
  • Quarantine of messages enabling individual use
  • Mail server performance monitoring and statistics with graphical visualization
  • ESET SysInspector and ESET SysRescue
  • Improved GUI, compatible with screen-reading software and High Contrast mode

Version 4.2.10019.0

  • support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1 BETA
  • support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP3
  • fixed problem with enabling transport scanning on VSAPI

Version 4.2.10018.0

  • support for Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2008
  • support for Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2
  • added detection of Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Front - End
  • accepting executing of rule action after scanning of antispam & antivirus protection
  • added UAC elevation when editing antispam protection configuration file

Version 4.2.10017.0

  • fixed problem with transport agent installation
  • fixed problem with wrong date display in greylisting statistics
  • fixed problem with unsuccessful detection of transport agent disabling
  • new version of antispam scanning core Mailshell 6.0.4
  • fixed problem witch updating via mirror
  • added support for Microsoft Outlook 2010

Version 4.2.10016.0

  • added updated Help
  • information about sender, recipient, subject and date of the e-mail message added to the virus log, after performing of VSAPI scan
  • fixed problem with the instability of transport service
  • changed mechanism of Microsoft Exchange mailboxes detection
  • fixed problem with the instability of scanning using web protection
  • fixed problem with memory overrun in 64-bit ESET Sysinspector
  • fixed problem with high system resources consumption of client antispam protection
  • fixed instability of the GUI when displaying antispam protection statistics

Version 4.2.10015.0

  • added updated Help
  • changed product licence management logic
  • periodic saving of greylisting databases to the HDD
  • problem with not-showing the „quick help“ after installing on Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5
  • fixed problem with wrong translation in GUI, causing problems with opening of related help file
  • fixed problem with not starting of tasks planned in scheduler

Version 4.2.10014.0

  • Fixed problem with detection of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 version, after upgrade from Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. This also fixes problem with Rollup update 2 for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.
  • fixed wrong display settings for „actions“ in case of non-existing message quarantine
  • fixed errors in statistics section
  • fixed problem with scrollbar retaining position, in running scan log
  • fixed problem with deleting of messages in Outlook using IMAP

Version 4.2.10013.0

  • fixed issue with expiration of Greylisting records
  • fixed graphical problem with refreshing of antispam protection status
  • fixed problem with deleting of message attachments
  • added new option to terminate computer check also for user with limited privileges
  • GUI localization problem solved
  • fixed problem with not-deleting PCU termporary files in mirror
  • fixed problem with SSL control on multi-processor systems
  • fixed problem with refreshing of scheduler records

Version 4.2.10012.0

  • added updated Help
  • adjusted occurence frequency calculation & fixed parallel processing
  • fixed enabling & disabling of antivirus protection via import function & ESET Remote Administrator
  • Greylisting disabled by default after installation
  • fixed problem of incorrect data reading from ANSI buffer
  • rules evaluation output buffer enhancement
  • scheduler exceeding time problem fixed

Version 4.2.10011.0

  • post-install „Recommended Configuration“ help popup window added
  • fixed problem with application shut down after user sign-off
  • fixed problem with GUI refreshing after disabling the antispam protection
  • passive regime used for selected HTTP streams when accessing web
  • fixed problems with CPU overloading  when refreshing GUI
  • added feature to prevent deleting log files during system scan
  • fixed problems with UAC when calling Sysinspector

Version 4.2.10010.0

  • added new Help

Version 4.2.10009.0

  • fixed algorithm of occurence frequency calculation
  • finalized settings of ESET GUI, which can be configured using ESET Remote Administrator
  • fixed incorrect conversion of time when displaying SysInspector logs
  • allowed stoppage of scanning started under account with administration rights
  • fixed issues with real-time protection occurring on 64-bit systems

Version 4.2.10008.0

  • added rule for occurrence frequency
  • added Greylisting statistics
  • added real time of start of data gathering for statistics
  • fixed incorrect detection of limited administrator account
  • fixed issue with empty e-mails in delegated mailboxes on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 related  to Microsoft Outlook plugin
  • fixed issues with updating on Microsoft Windows 2008 R2
  • fixed issue with communication via SSL
  • added data migration from SysInspector during re-installation
  • fixed issue with deletion of logs under limited administrator account

Version 4.2.10007.0

  • ignoring of rule with respective action when antivirus or antispam protection is disabled
  • added warning when path to temporary files is set to a removable media or network drive
  • added support for domain names up to 255 characters long (limit from the DNS specification)
  • fixed display of tooltips in the lists

Version 4.2.10006.0

  • fixed issue in antispam engine settings
  • fixed issue with sending e-mails to a non-existing message quarantine
  • modified actions in the rules (added actions based on antivirus and antispam protection)
  • fixed issue with non-functional real-time protection
  • fixed issue with scanning of computer under account with administrator rights
  • fixed issue with HTTP proxy server
  • fixed counting of records in the quarantine on NT4 systems
  • fixed sending of logs from quarantine to ESET Remote Administrator
  • added registration of ESET GUI to SelfDefense
  • fixed crashing of ESET GUI during access to mirror settings
  • fixed graphics issue related to task list in the scheduler

Version 4.2.10005.0

  • fine tuned automatic settings of the antispam engine
  • IP whitelist of the antispam engine for transport agent on Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 and 2003 made available
  • tray icon animation will indicate the update of the antispam engine after installation
  • fixed storing a file to quarantine after application of a rule
  • fixed setup of rules
  • added additional ways to make exclusions from automatic detection after installation
  • fixed quarantining of messages
  • fixed bug in scanning using transport agent
  • added support for older Windows NT operating system

Version 4.2.10004.0

  • removed support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 BETA
  • fixed transport agent bug for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
  • fixed bug of disabled antispam protection after installation
  • fixed bug of disabling antivirus and antispyware protection of mail servers
  • changed dialog window of antispam engine for setting of whitelisted, ignored and blocked IP addresses
  • whitelisted and ignored IP addresses set up in the antispam engine excluded from being checked by greylisting
  • whitelisted and ignored IP addresses set up through PowerShell excluded from being checked by greylisting
  • added independent enabling/disabling of automatic start of VSAPI
  • added disabling of greylisting when antispam protection is disabled
  • fixed bug related to removal of rules
  • fixed incorrect display of the priority of transport agent
  • full protection is disabled when VSAPI and transport agent are disabled simultaneously
  • fixed bug with start of antispam engine on Microsoft Exchange Server 2000
  • fixed storing of hidden messages
  • fixed incorrect display of on-demand scanning dialog window
  • fixed bug with display of 3D dialog windows on older OS
  • fixed detection of full-screen display mode
  • improved SSL scanning
  • change of preset settings for input of text to e-mail messages
  • disabled default integration of document protection to OS

Version 4.2.10003.0

  • added task of regular automatic update of antispam rules to the scheduler
  • fixed incorrect disabling of greylisting
  • extended rule for message subject to include analyze messages without message subject
  • fixed analysis of message subject rule
  • update of antispam engine to version
  • settings for number of ThreatSense scanning engines moved under antivirus and antispyware protection
  • fixed centering of alert windows
  • fixed incorrect display of status after document protection is disabled
  • fixed incorrect display of status after antispam protection of e-mail client is disabled
  • fixed bug in detection of full-screen applications
  • optimized code for web protection
  • fixed bug causing crash of application during editing exclusions in antispam protection of e-mail client
  • fixed bug of non-functional antispam protection in Outlook Express

Version 4.2.10002.0

  • added option of automatic disabling of VSAPIadded option of automatic disabling of VSAPI
  • accepted exlusions of IP addresses entered via command line in greylisting
  • fixed incorrect updating
  • fixed bug related to saving of edited rules at the same time when a rule was applied
  • fixed entering of IP lists to spamcatcher.conf
  • fixed incorrect display of transport agent priority
  • updated antispam engine to version
  • fixed bug related to saving of protocol settings
  • fixed display of PCU components on mirror
  • increased throughput during scanning of HTTP protocol
  • increased scanning speed of communication via POP3S and HTTPS protocol
  • fixed bug during acquiring of DHCP address
  • fixed incorrect adding of e-mail addresses to lists of exclusions from antispam protection
  • fixed bug during creation of SysInspector log
  • fixed bug during comparison of SysInspector logs