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  Windows 95/98/ME
  Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/x64
  Enterprise Edition
   LAN Update Server
  Remote Administrator
  Linux Mail Server
  Linux File Server
  Lotus Domino
   Dell Storage Servers
  MS Exchange
  Kerio MailServer
  Kerio WinRoute Firewall 
NOD32 Remote Administrator
Enables an administrator to manage large installations of NOD32 antivirus system in large corporate networks
Remote Administrator White Paper
Features and benefits
  • centralized NOD32 antivirus management increasing antivirus protection effectiveness and reducing corporate security costs.
  • automatic NOD32 antivirus system updates keeping your corporate network secure.
  • fast virus infiltration localization and virus clean-up thanks to advanced monitoring and reporting tools
  • remote installation of NOD32 client antivirus systems enabling fast antivirus protection rollout.
  • centralized NOD32 antivirus management of multiple locations and LAN's within your enterprise computer network.
  • automatic and custom report generation giving you an overview on NOD32 antivirus system activities and helping you maintain a high level of data integrity in your network.
  • remote NO32 client configuration reducing administration and maintenance costs.
  • filling holes in your antivirus protection by searching for unprotected computers in your network.
  • RA server load distribution increasing scalability.
  • multiple remote installation methods for on-line and off-line NOD32 client installation.
  • mobile user features for better mobile user antivirus protection.
  • virus infiltration history helping you strengthen your antivirus protection strategy.
  Change log
  November 3, 2009 - Version 3.1.15
  • removed tagline "we protect your digital worlds"
  • minor improvements and bugfixes
  May 14, 2009 - Version 3.1.11
  • New ESET Remote Administrator Maintenance Tool added (installed along with the server)
  • Server and Console:
    • New SysInspector (1.2.12) added, also in the 64bit version
    • New type of task supported (SysInspector script task)
    • Dialog window for groups in policy rules and notifications has been modified
    • Beta update servers configurable using a template
    • Extended logging in the debug log
    • Name of the report template appears in the subject of a report sent via e-mail
    • Product documentation updated
  • ESET Configuration Editor:
    • New updated configuration template
    • New type of event for the Scheduler (threat detected)
    • New type of scheduled task (create SysInspector snapshot)
    • License key for ERA used during the installation can be specified in the configuration
    • Scanning task with the attribute read-only can be created in the Scheduler
  • Bugfixing:
    • New firewall module
    • When MySQL database is created, UTF-8 encoding is set by default
  January 28, 2009 - Version 3.0.105
  • fixed reinstallation from previous versions using Remote Desktop
  • fixed possible vulnerability of html injection in generated reports
  • fixed replication of deleted clients
  • fixed reinstallation of ERA Server on Windows 2003 running Terminal Server service
  • fixed reinstallation of the version 3.0.39 over previous versions in data migration into DB MSSQL
  • fixed installation to 2008/64bit MSSQL Server database
  • fixed CfgEdit not requesting confirmation about modifying / changing
  • updated pdf documentation
  December 17, 2008 - Version 3.0.39
  • Fixed SysRescue problems when running on 64-bit machines
  July 21, 2008 - Version 2.0.110
  • minor bugfixes
  • updater for nod32 v2 fixed
  May 21, 2008 - Version 2.0.107
  • Updates:
    • added capability of a mirror for NOD32 v2 clients
    • global logs level filtering (advanced settings)
    • updater errors with text information (in server log)
    • updated configuration template
  • Fixed issues:
    • incorrect formatting in OS application log
    • problem in configuration template is now fixed
    • copying the license key from a network drive in setup
    • few other minor bugs are fixed
  March 7, 2008 - Version 2.0.56
  • Fixed problems in:
    • http server
    • updater
    • extensions in configuration editor
  • Update to epfw rules editor in configuration editor
  • Few minor bugs fixed
  February 26, 2008 - Version 2.0.50
  • Fixed several problems related to
    • http server
    • updater
    • several other minor bugs fixed
  • Configuration tree update in ESET Configuration Editor included
    • Unix ESET Security section
    • Default user interface values
  • Other upgrades
    • ESET Remote Administrator Console/Server: firewall report added
    • ESET Remote Administrator Console/Server: user column in CSV reports added
    • ESET Configuration Editor: added xml format for saving files
    • ESET Configuration Editor: personal firewall zone and rule setup upgrades (default rules management updated, configuration for Detection of modification network-aware applications added, configuration for Internet browsers added)
  December 20, 2007 - Version 2.0.33
  • Fixed ERA server installation problem (terminal server)
  • Replication password problem fixed
  • Unicode communication with the server set by default
  • Other minor problems fixed
  November 26, 2007 - Version 2.0.29
  • support of new ESET Security Products version 3 (ESET Smart Security, ESET NOD32 Antivirus)
  • new logs (new columns, ESET Personal Firewall logs)
  • new client state information for version 3 clients (Protection Status, Protection Features, System Information)
  • tasks (configuration, update now, on
  • demand scan, interactive task)
  • still supports NOD32 version 2 products

    New features

  • extended client identification (MAC address added)
  • extended remote installation (support of msi and custom packages)
  • security enhancements (encryption possibility for all new server clients)
  • performance improvements (compression in communication protocol)
  • added forwarding of ThreatSense.Net data via ERA server
  • GUI improvements (new graphics, enhanced state coloring, extended filters, resizible dialogs)
  • new report template (ESS Scheme)
  • server performance monitoring (data, queries)
  • update functionality in ERA server (allows updating of important information)
  • mirror functionality in ERA server
  • extended remote installation (support of msi and custom packages, possibility of ERA remote installation, diagnostics)

    Internal Server enhancements

  • new replication (replication priority, better multilevel replication)
  • new database structure
  • new directory structure
  • internal security improvements

    New ESET Configuration Editor

  • supports ESET Security Products version 2 and version 3
  • possibility to configure ERA Server
  • other minor new features (search, custom settings)

    New installer (MSI)

  • database migration from previous versions
  • New documentation (help, manual)
  March 27, 2007 - Version 1.0.15
  • minor enhancements and minor bugs repaired (replication, remote installation, get info, setup)
  • nod32 2.70.32 ENU bundled
  • cfgedit 1.29.024 ENU bundled
  January 14, 2007 - Version 1.0.14
  • support for Microsoft Windows Vista
  • bundled NOD32 for Windows updated to v2.70.23 ENU
  • bundled Configuration Editor updated to 1.29.023 ENU
  • minor improvements and updates for replication, reports, remote installation and setup
  June 12, 2006 - Version 1.0.11
  • extended database maintenance (clean-up, compact, repair)
  • enhanced logging (log rotation, windows application log, debug log)
  • extended server options
  • enhanced work with groups in filters
  • license key upload
  • browsing network from the viewpoint of server (push install)
  • groups/active directory synchronization option
  • SMTP authentication
  • saving console environment settings (columns, filters)
  • changed internal storage structure
  • other internal enhancements of console and server
  • minor bugs fixed (remote installation)
  • new help and manual (pdf)
  • nod32 2.51.26 ENU bundled
  • cfgedit 1.27.021 ENU bundled
 August 15, 2005 - Version 1.0.9
  • Support for NOD32 x64
  • NOD32 2.51.8 ENU bundled
  • cfgEdit 1.25.018 ENU bundled
 May 19, 2005 - Version 1.0.7
  • new cfgEdit (v1.23.017 ENU)
  • nod32 2.50.19 ENU bundled
  • fixed bug in reports
 March 16, 2005 - Version 1.0.6
  • the console prepared for new numbering of NOD32 virus signature database version
  • big fonts problem in the console fixed
  • fixed a few small bugs
 October 27, 2004 - Version 1.0.5
  • fixed a few small bugs
  • new cfgedit (v1.18)
  • nod32 2.12.3 bundled